A solar-powered floating Airbnb that lets you be a sustainable traveler!

Unprecedented circumstances where we are all cooped up in our houses during summer just means one thing – bookmarking Airbnb houses and organizing your Pinterest board by what vacation would you like to take in all four seasons. Why a different board for a different season? Because summer is likely to be canceled and we must be prepared with holiday homes, like the Lilypad, that can provide an exclusive experience at any time of the year. I am sure you have seen this before – traveling is canceled (for now) but dreaming isn’t, so with all this extra time I encourage you to join me in daydreaming of a recovery weekend in floating Australian Airbnb.

The Lilypad is a luxury villa designed by Chuck Anderson and is anchored just north of Sydney’s Palm Beach. Anderson is a boat enthusiast so it is no surprise that he created a floating house! This beautiful Airbnb is also eco-conscious, it is completely solar-powered and is slowly helping us pivot towards sustainable travel. The exterior of the house is made from timber and includes an open living area, a wine cellar, a sleeping loft and, of course, a bathroom (for all that wine that we will consume post quarantine on our holiday!). To feel fancy, you have an al fresco dining (means you can eat your food while enjoying the breeze and sun when going outside is cool again) and sunbathing area on the lower level which also boasts of an expansive terrace.

“Lilypad Palm Beach was born by breaking the mold of traditional boating design to create the most unique sustainable escape with uncompromised luxuries,” says Anderson. The white interiors are a soothing contrast to the blue waters and make the natural light that comes in glow more. It’ll also be fun to have a paddleboard race on the waterfront as this Airbnb comes equipped with paddleboards, fishing equipment, and a tender to take to the beach nearby. To add a cherry on top of this dream vacation, the property also comes with a 24-hour concierge who can arrange for on-site massages. Go on, check out, I am going to stay here in my daydream for now.

Designer: Lilypad by Chuck Anderson