You Can Do Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey This Valentines


People, you can be better than Fifty Shades of Grey this Valentines! Seductive innuendos aside, get innovative and go the extra mile for your guy this season of romance! The specially curated selection at Touch of Modern is quite thoughtful. I love them for being our go-to place for all things classy and creative!

At Touch of Modern, they are doing things special … they have a curated Gift Guide for the man in your life, from romantic gestures to seductive stimulation, you are sure to find something you love to give or receive!

Yes, you can do better than the cheesy ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ concept and indulge in something spunky! Here is a YD-exclusive selection, from the Top Fifty list, that include daily essentials, gadgets galore, spicy slinky sexy and sip & swoon ideas!

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