This cabin blends the traditional A-frame structure with contemporary architectural details!

Looking for the perfect cabin for your holiday getaway? This is where your search ends…at least in terms of the perfectly designed cabin! The Kujdane cabin has been created to give guests an intimate experience in the heart of Iran’s northern forests. This cabin offers you a complete ASMR experience for all the five senses!

Kujdane retains the best of the old while blending it with the new – it still has that A frame silhouette like your traditional cabin in the woods but take a step closer and you’ll see that the structure has been tweaked with modern architectural elements. Wood is of course the element of choice (I told you, cabin in the woods!) to evoke that warm, cozy, cabin vibe and is complimented with cool-toned interior details for balance. The cabin is elevated by the sloping A-frame sides which makes it look like it is effortlessly hovering above ground level without visible stilts or pillars. To keep you immersed within the natural surroundings, the front is all glass for sweeping views of the forest. The duplex-style structure has been divided into an upper zone and lower zone – the sleep and work setup is upstairs while the living kitchen and dining is downstairs. The lower floor also extends out to a small outdoor deck.

Glass is important in creating the illusion of openness in a small space which is why even the  corridor that runs through the heart of the building is made of glass and looks the horizon connecting the sky and the ground. This little detail lets you enjoy every season from inside the house, personally I love snow and I can imagine watching the snow fall (or even rain!) as I walk through this passage in the middle of the cabin. Right under the corridor is a small reservoir that collects rainwater in the form of ponds which also offers a natural cooling effect during warmer months. The design team has created a harmony between contemporary cabins and the landscape in a way that you will be able to make the most of them both. Now all I can think of is binge watching Netflix with the sound of raindrops in the background and the glowing ember of the fireplace.

Designer: Shomali Design Studio