Build a sustainable ‘normal’ post quarantine with this flat-pack electric scooter

We are all seeing the effects of lesser vehicles on the road due to the lockdown, the air in so many cities has become cleaner than it has been in decades. So much so that you can see mountains and monuments that were otherwise hidden in a cloud of pollution. This unprecedented situation has shown us that we have the ability to slow down climate change with the right actions and one of them is to reduce air pollution – that will send major positive ripples through our ecosystem. The simplest way to contribute to that is by investing in an electric vehicle like Switch.

Switch is designed to make commuting in the city easier and solve the troubles one faces like the frequency of public transport, crowded parking, and poor infrastructure. Currently, you have electric rideshare scooters that are popular in urban settings like Bird, Lime, and Yugo but they come with an added responsibility of parking and crowding the sidewalks. Switch is different from its competitors because it is truly portable. Its flat-pack mechanism allows you to just fold it up and carry it along even if you’re walking or using a public transport service, you won’t have to worry about loading it and unloading it. It has a sleek build that blends in with your lifestyle and is as easy as carrying a backpack.

The scooter is created keeping the ever-evolving future in mind and comes with a fingerprint enabled unlock button which is located below the handlebar. One of the coolest features is how the accelerator and brake pedals have been incorporated into the handlebar – it simplifies the user experience and interface. Designers didn’t want the users’ lives to be planned around charging, so the electric scooter uses a high capacity swappable battery that can be easily exchanged for a fully charged one from a Switch station. It comes with an integrated navigation app that also reports on the statistics of your vehicle. Pollution only makes your immune system weaker (especially air pollution – it attacks your lungs and makes you more susceptible to viruses like Covid-19), so once the pandemic ends let us make a collective choice to build a cleaner ‘normal’ for our health and the planet’s health too.

Designers: Adil Lokhandwala, Adhithya Vishnu M, Aditya Tupe and Amit Mirchandani of Lucid Design.

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