Drool-worthy stationery designs that leave you wanting more!

As a product designer, you always have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to get the job done. Let’s take up the example of an eraser, we have the basic and humble eraser we have been using since childhood to new-fangled electric erasers that rotate and rub the paper on your behalf! Choosing the tool you use comes down to your need, and how you like to do your work. Keeping in mind that all of us also partially addicted to collecting stationery (don’t even get me started about my personal collection of pens) we bring to you a collection of everyday tools that will add functionality to your workspace along with a unique and quirky design element! Check out our collection of design tools for the love of all things stationery!

The Logifaces puzzle comprises a series of triangles of the same size, but different heights (at each vertex), and the only rule is, “Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to build a continuous surface”.

Magnetips are a set of gel pens combined with super strong Neodymium Magnets to completely transform the way you use pens and the look of your desktop.

The Clip Art series by Present & Correct features ten different paper clips from 1860 to 1934, recreated from ancient patent records.

The Clamp Basket by Seungwan Kan attaches to the side of the desk and allows the user to collect the rubber residue that is strewn across the work surface.

Knife and ruler combo by Marion Lenne combines surgical steel with natural cork. The tactile cork provides greater grip and is faceted to prevent rolling.

The Ostrich magnetic paperclip holder by Arthur Xin takes on the familiar form of the world’s biggest bird.

The Writer by Jaquet-Droz replicates its owner’s signature by using historic cam technology and a complex series of 585 parts, assembled and finished by hand.

Iris by Odin Ardagh is designed to make drawing circles more intuitive and fun, without piercing the paper as you would with a compass.

The Sidekick by Tan Mavitan Studio opens into an ‘L’ shaped notebook that can easily sit at the corner of your keyboard, or your mousepad, or even tablet.

The Flip Scale by Kalyani Tupkary’s clever design allows it to flip over and be used multiple times, allowing you to measure much more than a foot ruler or a measuring tape is capable of!

The Fume by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis doesn’t just lay out the markers in an interesting format, it even allows you to segregate them by hue into three zones.

Magcon by Ddiin packs a pen-stand, rounder/compass, wrench, scale, bottle opener, and drawing guide all in one.

This pencil sharpener by Di Lu serves as an extra hand to catch and collect shavings so they can be easily discarded.

Indigraph Fountain Pen constantly keeping the pen’s tip in contact with water, so the ink never dries out by Iñigo Echeverria, Unai Rollan, Izar Carazo & Sergio Errandonea.

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