A modern terrarium with a little bit of easter and a lot of zen!

Happy Easter! Yes, I know it was on Sunday but we are all still at home and I am pretty sure we all still have our chocolate bunnies so might as well extend the holiday celebrations while we can (it’s the little joys!). Most of us are under lockdowns and spending Easter in quarantine means doing egg hunt at home. If you have a backyard, count yourself lucky but if you don’t then this zen egg garden will make up for it!

This beautiful glass terrarium is almost as perfect as the egg that broke Instagram – remember that? And you can still host your egg hunt in it by hiding Maltesers instead of real eggs – at least you can eat your reward which is better than holding on to painted eggs that can actually be breakfast before people start hoarding those too. This glass egg garden radiates zen energy and brings a sense of calm to the room it is placed in. The minimal terrarium matches the Easter theme but will work all year round too because of its evergreen (literally) visual aesthetics. Switch up the rabbit for holiday-appropriate decor and maybe even add a string light to create an attractive centerpiece. Having plants in your house purifies the air and adds to the aesthetic but the color green is also associated with soothing energies and we all could use that right now.

Easter may feel different but who knows, maybe this pandemic will help us to find our own metaphorical Easter eggs in life. Let’s just pray they are well-designed like this modern terrarium!

Designer: Jerzy Galus