This wearable seating offers balance and comfort for manual laborers

The Achilles’ heel refers to one’s weakness or vulnerable point. It’s a term used to describe a person’s weakness that can lead to his downfall. But we’re giving the term a new image as the Achilles’ Heel we have here offers numerous benefits to many people.

The Achilles’ Heel is a unique design by Camille Ringenbach, a French industrial designer who desires to solve the problem of poor postures among laborers. The designer once observed workes at a vineyard and witnessed how the grape-pickers can suffer and experience physical stress from all the work. In addition, she has seen the challenges of constantly being in a deep squatting position for labor.

Designer: Camille Ringenbach

It can be difficult for any person as the posture can be affected. And so, the Achilles’ Heel is designed (albeit ironically named) to help people and work as a wearable seating. This solution comes in a waterproof foam that offers a comfortable mobile seat. The idea is that the foam provides comfort and balance while in different positions.

The waterproof foam is shaped like a pyramid. It looks like a doorstop but is more prominent in size. It comes with straps for support and to keep it in place as the straps hug the leg. The foam works as a seat when a person is squatting. This offers balance and stability to help workers, especially during long hours under the sun. Product and industrial designer Camille Ringenbach’s observation of grape pickers and winegrowers sparked the idea and has been transformed into a simple but intelligent solution.

The comfortable mobile seat will make things easy for the workers. Each pair allows anyone to sit comfortably when squatting. Simply place the foam above each heel, and you can be comfortable soon.

There is no restriction on what kind of shoes to wear with the foam, but a pair of boots may be ideal. Boots can protect the feet and heels, and if they are long, even the legs where the straps of the Achilles’ Heels are wrapped. The ultimate goal is comfort for the wearer so make sure the foam is secure and set in place every time it’s worn.

The Achilles Heel is a concept design, but it has an enormous potential to sell. Manual laborers and workers that always sit and squat will find the project a helpful solution. Moreover, the idea is actually quite simple most people can probably make their version.