One USB Drive to Rule Them All


Gone are the days when you have to be so frustratingly delicate with your digital devices! Designed to be touched and shaken, this twist on the USB disk provides modern innovations that make file access quicker, safer, and easier than ever.

Only slightly larger than a traditional USB, the One-Step drive features an OLED touch-sensitive screen that performs a variety of tasks on its own. Users can scroll through and view/access the contents of the drive without first plugging it into a computer, give it a shake to view a slideshow of photos or documents, and lock or unlock with its integrated fingerprint scanner. Furthermore, users can highlight the document of choice on the OLED screen, plug into their computer or printer, and choose to save, upload, or print directly from the drive.

Designers: Xingxu Chen, Prof. Shaoping Guan & Jing Yang



Just by shaking the USB disk, remaining memories can be easily retrieved, allowing users to enjoy the pleasure from such a new interaction.


Its unconscious fingerprint identification process completes when the user inserts this USB disk into a device.


The disk displays files stored recently in chronological order so that printing or transferring of files can be done directly on the OLED screen without operating the printer or computer.



One-Step USB Disk is concisely designed. The classic stripes bring about a cool, minimal aesthetic and provide a non-slip grip. The whole design focusses on users’ demands while closely combining form and function to provide a new and interesting interactive experience.