SilentKeys kicks spy butt!


I love the way the designers put this: “You wouldn’t leave the curtain open when getting undressed so why leave your computer and web connection exposed?” This idea was the inspiration behind SilentKeys! It helps users surf the Internet without the fear of being compromised or worrying about keyloggers (up to 40% of malware attacks) cloning their keyboards to steal money. In a sense, SilentKeys provides a blanket to cover personal information so no one can look in. The design bypasses the hard drives when operating, so its internal memory is always protected, even on the most heavily-infected computers. It works with PCs & Macs sold after 2007 and comes with a sealed microSD card, a tamper-proof microUSB cable and a dice. Plug it in and with a simple button, using your existing computer, you may switch between your normal OS or into a highly secure desktop that creates a personal and isolated safe space for you to bank, shop, research, create, chat and share, in full privacy. No need to be a computer whiz – the best protection possible is available at the press of a button!

Designer: ART-TIC