This geometric pet house will ease your separation anxiety

Dog houses can be too high-end looking or too casual and either way, they draw attention in the room. If you are someone who wants to always be able to see their pets and are equally particular about your interior design aesthetic, then the Casano dog house was made for you!

Casano has a light and airy feel that extends to the room it is placed in, especially if you have a smaller apartment then it is a well-designed alternative to the traditional bulky dog house. It gives your pet a natural territorial separation while blending in seamlessly with your interior settings. It is created with a simple black iron frame that adds minimal elegance to your existing decor. The choice of using an iron frame for the build was so that the upkeep and care can be minimal. The floorboard is made of 15 mm thick laminated maple lumber – you can add a cushion to match the color scheme and for a little extra comfort.

The geometric visuals of the Casano make it stand out from the rest of the pet houses in the market. Pets will have a feeling of “my space” where they can wind down and have some distance from the people in the house while the owners can put their separation anxiety at rest because they will still be able to see their best friend.

Casano is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Kazutoshi Miura of Miuka Design