Trash to Treasure

The Lace Vase by Milk Design Limited provides a super easy way of turning plastic bottles, glass jars, or any other unused container into a simple and elegant vase. The stretchable sleeve is made of silicon rubber and can fit snugly around containers of many different sizes.

Designer: Milk Design Limited



  • amazonloveafrica says:

    good is
    useful and beautiful

  • mike says:

    Dare I to say that this is plagiarism or evolution of an existing design? redesign?

    This idea has been existent for quite some time now.
    It was well received and traveled thousands of blogs in the past.

    Anyhow, this version is not as strong as the japanese designers version,
    as we see a newly interpreted shape and form, whereas in the japanese version the artist found another usage for an already existing and very common packaging product.

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