Tired of shaving in bad bathroom lighting? These snap-on mirror-lights give you perfect visibility


Here’s a problem that everyone can rally behind. Bathroom lights are the worst. They’re either placed behind you, or right above the mirror, casting light downwards on your face, making it incredibly challenging to shave your beard or apply makeup. Ideally, you want the kind of light that shines directly on your face without A. blinding you, and B. casting a shadow… like those vanity mirrors with bulbs all around them.

Lucere mimics that perfect vanity-lighting experience without racking up an electricity bill. It features a pair of portable lights that attach directly to your bathroom mirror to give you bright, bi-directional light without casting sharp shadows. The Lucere comes with a mount that adheres to your mirror, allowing you to magnetically snap the lights on or off whenever you need them. Both the lights come with touch-sensitive on-off switches and the ability to set them at your desired brightness using simple +/- controls. The lights charge via a standard MicroUSB cable and last for 3 hours on medium brightness.

Lucere, like most good ideas, come from a common consumer pain-point of having to apply make-up, or shave your beard in less-than-desirable lighting conditions. Designed to simply snap onto the sides of your mirror using an adhesive silicone base and magnetic attraction, Lucere gives you studio-quality vanity lighting that’s perfect for applying makeup before stepping out, or for shaving without worrying about accidentally nicking yourself because you couldn’t see the underside of your jaw properly. I mean, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for proper lighting, right?

Designer: Miles Keller

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Lucere – Perfect Lighting for Your Makeup and Shaving

The Lucere is portable, attaches easily to any mirror, at home, at work and on your travels. You can now have the same level of lighting used in theater make-up studios, even if your bathroom appears well lit, your face may not be well illuminated.

Their scientifically developed light delivers flawless illumination, so you can see your face exactly the way others will see it outside your bathroom.

Before & After

Most bathrooms are either too dark, or lit with inappropriate lighting for facial treatment, so you don’t get perfect light on your face. The Lucere brings you clarity, where you most need it.

Simple to Install

Lucere Lights were engineered to attach to any clean glass surface and are easily removable to transfer to another location. Place it at the level that suits you best.

You can also use a single Lucere Light by placing your face on either side of the light for ideal illumination.

– Minimum Brightness of 500 Lux
– Battery lasts for 1.5 hours at full brightness
– LED Color Temperature of 5000

Click Here to Buy Now: $60 $120 (50% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!