A skeleton-inspired generative designed frame makes this drone incredibly lightweight yet strong

The bones are perhaps the best example of nature’s way of providing a structural framework that’s strong and robust, yet minimal. This same structural framework, if tweaked slightly, can cause humans to break pieces of brick with their fist, while also being light enough to let birds fly… two attributes that the Skeleton Drone looks at attaining through its generative-design skeletal structure.

It would be unrealistic to expect a drone to break through a brick but you get what I’m talking about, right? There aren’t many things that are more painful than a drone that collides with a wall and shatters to smithereens, right? The Skeleton Drone’s structural makeup prevents the creation of those weak-points. Its inherent generative design solves any strength and stress issues, while drastically cutting down on volume. I mean even the drone’s body, which usually comprises a computer, a battery, and a camera, is reduced to a bare minimum, making it both physically and visually light, but just as, if not stronger, than any drones out there on the market!

Designer: Hong Zhi