LAYER Design’s lifestyle-focused Viture One smart glasses have form, function and ergonomic comfort in perfect sync

The Viture One smart glasses carry minimalism at their core, keeping in mind the latest trends and not sacrificing technology inclusion for a great user experience without all the discomfort or bulkiness that’s akin to VR headsets.

As we look forward to roaming in the metaverse (and who knows spending our complete life in VR) in the near future, the tools are going to be as important as the whole experience. Take VR headsets and smart glasses for example. While the former has a big issue with long-term use fatigue and lack of overall practical usage, the latter is the only hope if the masses have to be lured in. Layer Design wants to strike gold with its Viture smart glasses to make you ditch smart TVs, laptops, and even the smartphone for good.

Designer: Layer Design

This fashionable set of sunglasses is as good as any other high-tech pair of shades on the market. The frames by the design house weigh just 78 grams, shedding most of the extra fluff and managing to achieve an ultra-slim form factor. Something that you would want to wear every day, just like your normal glasses. These ones, however, give you the freedom to jump right into your favorite movies, games (even from consoles like PlayStation 5), or action series anywhere, anytime.

The lenses in front of the eyes display a cinematic 120-inch virtual screen (at 60fps and 55 pixels per degree) even on the brightest of days. The virtual screen gets 400 pixels per inch on a retina display which is very impressive considering we are talking about thin glass lenses here. The glasses are paired to a collar-like neckband housing the powerful CPU, GPU, battery pack, and intuitive controls. So, we are talking about fully immersive gaming and media streaming capabilities here. And yes, if you thought, what about the audio experience? Well, the smart glasses have ear-facing speakers located around the temple area.

Keeping ergonomics in mind, the lightweight eyewear comes with an interchangeable nose bridge to fit any facial structure like a charm. Even better, the display can be toggled to adjust the position for people with short-sighted vision. Viture One manages to achieve a very good balance between style and tech which will ultimately translate into an increased userbase. As per Layer Design founder Benjamin Hubert, “In creating Viture One, we wanted to deliver the antithesis of this trend. The result is a product that is more lifestyle led, akin to the traditional eyewear you would wear proudly as part of your fashion expression.”