Emergency product designs get a humorous twist to meet our quarantine cravings!

One thing that has shone through this COVID-19 lockdown is the indomitable human spirit. People singing/ playing instruments and getting into an impromptu song from their balconies in Italy, companies reusing their production lines to provide PPE and even individual students/designers trying to save the planet, everyone is coping and helping the world in their little way. Now if only I could get some pizza, the world would be perfect! This is the idea that has been brought to life by designer Ben Fearnley with his ‘In Case of Emergency’ series! Using humor and human cravings, Ben repurposes the existing form to deliver a tongue in cheek view of an object that is usually a serious subject. With the weekend almost here, let’s get it started with some humor and wishful thinking to keep you upbeat in these quarantined times! Now to go and find an easy yummy cheesy pizza recipe…

Pizza! It is safe to say that this food is almost universal now. Crispy buttery crust, spiced and balanced sauce, and that molten cheese, there are few things on this planet that pizza can’t fix. So, it does make sense to have this slice readily available for anyone who’s having a bad day.

The beautifully detailed render aside, this wine extinguisher comes with specific real-life scenarios or criteria that are the precursors for breaking open this wine canister! So when the day feels like no end is in sight, this emergency brew is here to cure your blues!

To do or doughnut, there is no try. Quoting Yoda aside, sugar is the best pick me up in the world once you ignore all the dire warnings of processed sugar. Looking at that sprinkled goodness, you know having a case full of these is a solution for your woes.

While growing up in India, I would hear about that elusive fried chicken and the KFC goodness, so much that it made the news when a traveling artist had them ordered from the USA to India as this was his comfort food. So when KFC opened up in Bombay, it was a momentous occasion to step into that beckoning red outlet and get my first bucket. Whether or not it became my comfort food, you do know that the salt, fat, acid, heat and crunch of these golden bites gives an uplift to your day!

While we have our cravings sorted, life is incomplete without that morning boost of caffeine. Hence it is apt to have a rocket-shaped coffee maker to fuel you up for good!

I don’t care what people say about sitting in their filth (take a bath beforehand if needed) but a hot tub soothes your soul! Given how 2020 has kicked us right where it hurts, I think we all could do with a warm hug and a time machine to zoom into the future and get a sneak peek on how this pandemic ends. Also, it surely would be a good way to show some world leaders the effects of their actions, or their lack of actions to save ourselves from the destruction we are bringing our way.

Nature has shown us already, that if we give it a chance, let Earth breathe, it will forgive and reverse the damage we have done. So let’s be aware and let 2020 be the year humanity evolved into better, conscious humanity 2.0!