With Enough Power to Light a Small Moon

Behold! The power of magnetism! With my very own Magnet Light with optional extending components, I will defy all that is sacred in home furnishings by having a bedside light easily accessible in the middle of my Death Star! The fixture’s neck will extend from the very top of the chasm to the center, where I will read a book with only the power of Magnet Light.

Designer Jochem Faudet presents that following: “A lighting system without permanent fixings, held together by the strength of magnets. The length and source of the light, depending on the task, can be simply changed by adding or removing components.”

I can’t imagine an especially large gap in my life that could be filled by Magnet Light, but I am in the market for a lamp extending from my wall over my couch.

What do you think?

Magnet light or Death Star’s Main Energy Reactor?

Also, can anyone guess how much the light diminishes per additional component?

Designer: Jochem Faudet


  • van Deursen says:

    Let me get this…it must have a power cord…so that must be inside the wall or in the ceiling and this thing needs to be hard wired. And, all that the magnet does is to replace the joint connection. You’ve got to be kidding!

  • zippyflounder says:

    if you look at the connection you can see 3 arc’s they are the contact pads for the power, hopefully DC low volt…….

  • John Q. says:

    yeah it would be cool until i lost all the little pieces for this lamp thing.

  • Mee says:

    The mormons will love this one.

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