Meet the unnecessary designs that have taken the internet by storm: Part 2!

For a product to really work for us, and for it to work well, it needs to be jam-packed with high functionality, and promise to solve at least some critical issues for us. However, Matt Benedetto, creator of the Unnecessary Inventions page on Instagram, develops products to solve problems that don’t exist. Or maybe they do exist, and we just don’t consider them a problem, until we come across one of his solution-oriented products! And to be honest, I have half a mind to purchase at least a few of these!

Popping bubbles on bubble wrapping paper is a guilty pleasure of its own, something we’ve all indulged in at some point or the other. The Burst Your Bubble Belt Buckle™️ allows you to strap bubble wrap onto your belt using this special utility device. Feeling stressed at work, or just simply saturated with life? Keep bursting bubbles all day along with this buckle, relieving yourself of all your worries!

If you own AirPods, you know the feeling when one of them goes missing, and you’re left sitting with only one pod in hand. You’re probably even more familiar with the feeling of rushing about trying to find it, the relief that follows when you do, or the shame if you never do. Benedetto’s BulkPods™️ comprises of a super cool charging case filled with enough AirPods to last you a lifetime. An accompanying lanyard helps you to attach it to your belt or bag, and you can carry the case stuffed with AirPods everywhere.

If you’ve ever stepped on a piece of LEGO, you know there’s no pain worse than that. The Lego Socks™️ were designed to make sure you never experience it again. Put on the socks, and try walking on pieces of LEGO. The flexible sole with a geometric hole pattern picks up the LEGO bricks, allowing them to get attached to it. And you’ll feel no pain at all!

The Tear-Rings™️ is a pair of earrings to wipe away those treacherous tears! Pop these earrings into your ears, and let yourself have a little cry if you need one. Tug out some tissue paper from them, and wipe away those tears when you’re good to go. Refillable cartridges for the tissues arrive every other day on a subscription basis. Prepare yourself for some neat and tidy crying sessions!

Another product that’s even better equipped to handle your crying sessions! The Sobbing Spectacles™️ feature two highly absorbent sponges to soak up your tears as you cry along. Carry these around with you everywhere, and shed a couple of tears without any fear. Simply squeeze out the salty water once you’re done, and the spectacles are as good as new!

Our Instagram feeds are always overflowing with posts, and going through them all can sometimes end up feeling like a chore. Here’s where the Swipe-n-Like 4000™️ comes in. The little robot will automatically swipe through your feed for you, while its proprietary algorithm will like all the pictures that are suited for your Instagram and you! Give your fingers a quick break from the constant swiping.

JiffyCuts™️ combines four nail cutters into one. You can now cut all your fingernails in one go, rather than going through them one by one. A nail cutting solution that not only saves time but makes the experience a lot more fun than you expected!

You know when you pick up a baguette from the bakery and just wish you had a suitable bag to carry it in? Well, me neither, but somebody out there must. The Baguette Pack™️ is an ergonomically designed pouch featuring the perfect shape and size to carry a baguette. Simply slide the baguette in, and stroll home knowing your piece of bread is completely protected!

Now here’s one design I definitely need! The Chip-Xractor™️ is a patented high-suction device with an ergonomically designed tip, that sucks out that last chip at the bottom of the can. No more struggling to fish out the final chip with this 4X long turbine shaft equipped design! An accompanying can holster allows you to carry a can of chips with you everywhere.

The MegaPod™️ is basically a ginormous and supersized AirPod! Our tiny little AirPods can be exceedingly easy to lose, however, that’ll never happen with The MegaPod™️. The 12″ headphone does everything at a 100X scale. Simply place the pod near your ear, and have yourself an XL audio experience!

With Facebook around, we have practically no privacy…except in the washroom. But The Zucker-Rug™️ promises to invade that as well! The bathmat has moisture sensors to know when you shower, sound recording to identify when the sink is running, and smell-o-vision for when you use the toilet, with all this data reported back to Facebook!

If you’re interested in more unnecessary yet intriguing designs like these, check out the Part 1 of this series!