One prosthetic leg by Klippa on the rocks please!

We usually find our way around doing the everyday things despite any hurdles, emotional or physical, that we face. But some of us can miss out on the things we actually want to do, things that aren’t a part of daily routine but an escape from it! For those special people who want to climb rocks, Klippa is here to move mountains with its unique prosthetic leg.

Although it is still just a concept, Klippa has created a prototype prosthetic leg with a biomimetic approach for amputee rock climbers. It was inspired by the documentary Higher Ground which films 11 veterans climbing Himalayan Mount Lobuche to heal from their war experiences. Research also revealed that between 2010 and 2013, more than 600 American veterans were amputees and most amputees take up physical activities like rock climbing to rebuild their strength – Klippa was born for serving exactly that very audience so that they can enjoy their life with a prosthetic designed keeping all their non-daily needs in mind.

Amputees face a lot of challenges like loss of strength, no control over the ankle, no grip and no feedback from their foot. Klippa addressed all of the above by making sure to add 5 types of foot techniques to increase toe strength, custom sizing, advanced articulation with springs, shock absorption and extra pivot points. The design has a human and biomimetic approach inspired by mountain goats which is the reason behind its hoof-like sole! Klippa’s prosthetic leg is ergonomic, adaptable and will be your rock throughout your journey.

Designer: Kai Lin