Who knew cards could be this versatile?!

You don’t need to have your bicycle fall apart on the highway for you to realize you could do with a compact multi-tool on you. However, that moment sparked something in Alexander Barak. The result of it was the Tag Supra, a card-shaped, card-sized piece of metal that managed to fit as many as 14 tools into one singular form.

Made out of titanium, the Supra manages to stay thin enough to fit into your wallet. When closed, it takes the shape of a card that you can slide into most wallets, and when opened, can be used as a plier. It even comes with its own stainless steel blade, wire cutter, bottle opener, five metric wrenches, Phillips/Allen/Hex head screwdrivers, and to bring a touch of modernity to it all, a USB drive too!

Its titanium construction allows it to be incredibly thin and surprisingly light (weighing just close to 60gms), letting you carry it anywhere without even realizing you’ve got a toolbox on you. Plus, I’m just absolutely digging that insane petroleum rainbow finish!

Designer: Alexander Barak

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