This UV sterilization enabled mouse is a pandemic-influenced peripheral for finicky professionals

Smartphones are the most germ-infested gadgets, but the good old mouse isn’t behind in the rat race either. For people who spend a good chunk of their day on a PC or laptop, the mouse gets the most exposure to bare hands. In fact, as compared to a desktop monitor, the desk itself, or accessories like headsets or keyboards; the computer mouse has around 4,000,000 CFU/10 square inches. Apparently, CFU is the colony-forming unit representing the number of bacteria or fungal cells in a given sample.

As gross as it might sound, we never ever bother to disinfect the computer peripheral, especially when we’ve seen the perils of the coronavirus pandemic already. So, when your earbuds (LG Tone Free FP9) or phone (with third-party UV sanitizer) can have UV sterilization treatment, why not the mouse?

Designer: Hyeonseok Kang

After the pandemic, we’ve become ever more conscious about the importance of sterilization and keeping everything around us sanitized. This has brought to light the importance of keeping office supplies clear of any harmful pathogens. Hence, the computer mouse being the most prone to bacterial infestation needs sterilization around the click buttons and wheel.

Thus, comes into the picture this cool mouse which replaces the wheel with a sizeable trackpad area, and a UV sterilizer on the inside. The unique design has a removable upper section that can be flipped back and forth. Since both sides are the same, they can be used alternatively. The one on the inside at any given point in time gets the UV light treatment to eliminate germs on all the contact surfaces. As soon as the mouse is connected via the cable, the UV sanitization kicks in. In the wireless mode though, this function is not available, else it will eat a chunk of battery power.

Along with the niche functionality, the Zero mouse boasts a sleek form factor that’ll be well suited for ergonomic comfort with long-duration usage. From the sheer usability and design perspective, this mouse is already growing on me. Would I want it in my kitty? Of course, who won’t want this practical accessory after all?