The Lexon Oblio wirelessly charges and sanitizes your phone at the same time

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to read about how a smartphone screen is often a cesspool of germs and how it has more bacteria than a toilet seat. That sort of information is useless if there isn’t a solution to remedy the problem, in my opinion. So let’s just get to the solution, which sits pretty neatly on your bedside table in the form of Lexon’s Oblio wireless charger. Rather than being modeled after a mat you can put your phone on, the Oblio is a vessel you put your phone into. Put your phone right into the Oblio’s slot and it immediately begins sanitizing as well as wirelessly charging your device. A 10W wireless charger at the back juices your phone in just 20 minutes, giving the Oblio enough time to use a front-facing UV-C lamp to sterilize your phone’s screen.

The Oblio’s unique form factor not only makes it look like a chic little planter around your house, but also cleverly hides your phone from view, so you’re less likely to constantly fiddle with it during the charging/sanitation cycle. It’s a clever bit of design, tech, and a behavioral-change solution all wrapped in one!

Designer: Quaglio Simonelli Design for Lexon