This versatile cooker is a hotplate, a slow cooker and a baking tray!

Every new multifunctional cooker is like an updated Jarvis…who remembers Mark 42? Multifunctional cookers keep getting better and they are time-saving heroes for those who juggle jobs and manage their homes alone. Gone are the days of bulky cookers that only made rice and took up half of your shelf space (maybe the whole counter if you live in New York) and it is the era of compact kitchen devices that do it all so all you have to do is enjoy the food.

The Deawoo cooker has a minimal design with maximum function – it has 4 temperature settings, 1 pot, and 3 different trays that you can insert depending on what you are trying to cook. It can go from making sunny side up eggs to a whole chicken in broth. The cooker’s size doesn’t match the potential it has to make your life easier in the kitchen. The device is made with aluminum and polypropylene which is the least toxic plastic in the market and is widely popular because of its heat resistant properties. It also includes an aluminum heating tray and a stainless steel pot along with different cooking trays.

If you see this multifunctional cooker in someone’s kitchen, you will believe they are an adult who has their life together – it just looks so sleek and hi-tech!

Designer: VCGO Design

The thermal resistant material is used in the outer case, especially the top handle and side bars so you never have to worry about finding mittens or a dishcloth.

It works on the basic principle of a hot plate with aluminum and electrical rods integrated into its compact lunchbox form making it different from the conventionally round hot plates with one function.

There is a choice between 3 trays all having a unique purpose – you can toast bread on the ridges, cook eggs on the flat one, bake muffins in the round molds or get creative with the one that has different shapes especially if you have kids.

It also can be used as a slow cooker with the stainless steel pot and the timer + temperature control settings. You can make easy soups and full chicken dinners without having to monitor it. While it looks nothing like your usual hot plate, you can still use it as one by removing the tray and revealing the aluminum plate underneath – don’t throw away your other pans just yet!