One zip is all it takes to clean this pet house!

I think the only argument you can have over a pet (I have it with my sister all the time!) is who’s going to clean up the hair they shed? It gets everywhere from your clothes to your furniture, and probably even your food. Your furry friend can’t help it, they will shed and it is impossible to get every last hair. But to make it easier, a Korean designer has created this pet house called Zipup which reduces the time and effort you spend cleaning. Also, how sleek does it look? It’s the kind of house a dog called James Bond would have!

The pet house is designed with comfortable fabric and features a lined pattern on the resting pad. It also has a very modern-looking shade inspired by strollers. Zipup has a very simple yet efficient concept to solve this pet-hair-everywhere problem, one zip motion will swipe the hair off the resting pad your pet sits on. Truly, it is that easy and the most amount of hair will be in the pet house so once you get that, 80% of your job is done. The zipper has a round easy grip and you slide it across the line for the hair to collect at the bottom which lets you empty it more conveniently than running around the house with a vacuum (let’s be honest, a broom is no match for a non-hypoallergenic pet). Don’t you just want to get it in all three colors right hair, right now?

Designer: Hyoyeong Kim