Give your clothes a Massage!


Making an app for your washing machine doesn’t make it smart. It should overcome existing design problems before it tries solving problems that were never there. My washing machine, for example, has this agitator (spinning thingy) column in the center that very successfully entangles all my clothes (tearing a few of them). Re-imagining the way clothes are washed, the Xiaoro washing machine has a very unique approach to cleaning your fabric.

The drum is made of silicone that expands to store your clothes. The unique element is the massaging ring that travels upwards and downwards, literally kneading the silicone bag in which your clothes (and water) are stored. Once done, the bag drains out all the water and you have undamaged, fresh cleaned clothes! You have no idea what a miracle this is for bachelors like me!

Designer: George Duan & Boya Zhao