Does Camera Size Matter?

At a recent event I was up in arms, struggling with my DSLR in an awkward stance, trying to capture the best shots for the day. In walked my friend with an adept digital camera and took some amazing photographs (if not better), and he didn’t even have to struggle with his equipment. So the question is, does high-tech photography equipment have to be bulky and difficult to manage? The IO Camera Concept says no!

The IO Camera Concept shows that the large-format camera can be built seductively ergonomic. The multi-format digital camera platform can achieve 35mm format convenience and quality. It supports large-format (up to 90 x 120 millimeters or even more) digital sensors. With its flexible changeable bayonet, it supports the majority of contemporary middle- and large-format lenses.


IO feels comfortable in your hands, is great to take along for point-and-shoot photography, and its supporting capabilities of tilt-shift techniques (when using an external tripod and flex) are convenient to use.

The concept is to redesign and give a new face to the typical large-format camera and counteract the stereotype that large-format cameras are always big, heavy, and could even have a wooden body. The goal is the creation of a light and elegant camera with a sensitive touchscreen, without forgoing the large-format sensor. This modern technology would give you the opportunity to get extra high-resolution images, a shallow depth of field, as well as dynamic perspective control (tilt-shift).

  • The changeable bayonet construction allows any kind of lens from any system available on the market.
  • Its AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) shutter is installed in the camera body, so you can use shutterless lenses (from focal plane shutter systems).
  • It is absolutely soundless and lightweight.
  • The sensor cooling system is important for mirrorless cameras (as the sensor is working permanently).
  • The symmetrical handle grips allow good ergonomics, for right- and left-handed people.
  • The large, sensitive touchscreen allows you good operation and control. You don’t need a laptop to see the details anymore.

The IO Camera Concept is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Andre Pokhodzey