This steam cooker combines smart, sophisticated technology with healthy cooking

Steam may just seem like hot air to you (if you get the wordplay, you get the wordplay), but the gaseous form of water has literally changed our lives. Whether it’s steam-powered engines which still help parts of the world get from A to B, or the same steam you use to cleanse yourself in saunas, or even the very steam you use to cook dumplings, it’s a pretty useful state of water. STEAMIE harnesses that usefulness and creates a revolution in cooking and healthy eating, dressed in a beautiful design.

STEAMIE, designed and developed by award-winning Mindsailors Design Studio, reintroduces steam into mainstream cooking. Steam has a way of cooking food without diluting its flavor, giving you healthy food that’s rich in nutrients as well as packed with great taste. The tabletop appliance uses this power to help prepare food that’s both nutritious and tasty. The layered appliance houses a water bath below, and food (be it veggies or meat) placed in perforated trays above. STEAMIE then uses a unique turbo convection method to rapidly steam-cook the food. These pressurized jets of steam measure 125°C and instantly close external pores of meat, vegetables or seafood, locking the flavor within, while the heat from the steam helps cook the food. The fact that the food isn’t immersed in water (like with boiling) helps keep the food from tasting watery or ‘wet’.

STEAMIE was created by Mindsailors, a Europe-based holistic design studio that designed and engineered the appliance around the technology developed by STEAMIE Ltd. The appliance comes with its own in-built scale that helps you measure your food before you cook it, and even has a bamboo-wood lid that doubles up as a cutting board for food-prep. A frosted-acrylic food bowl helps you watch your meal be prepared, while an intuitive display on the front allows you to input and check preparation times, giving you unprecedented control over your food prep. STEAMIE ultimately brings healthy steam-based cooking back into the limelight, by making the process much more sophisticated and giving the user the kind of precise control and modernity they’d expect from an oven. The product’s usage of matte black and bamboo wood lends a certain bit of contemporary appeal to the kitchen too!

STEAMIE is but one of Mindsailors’ many design projects. The 4-time iF Design Award-winning studio has worked with clients across fields ranging from appliance and technology to even medical design and transportation design. With 14 years of experience, the design and engineering studio has seen as many as 160 projects till their execution. You can check out more of their work by visiting their website below.

Designer: Mindsailors

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STEAMIE – Modern Steam Cooking Device

STEAMIE is a new generation of steam cooking devices that uses steam to prepare meals. However, unlike other steamers out there, STEAMIE comes with innovative STEAM-UP technology, which significantly speeds up the time of food processing.

STEAMIE provides a more aromatic and rich in natural flavors dish. This is due to the use of unique turbo convection that causes rapid and consistent operation of superheated steam at elevated pressure. Combined with the very high temperature (around 107°C), the steam acts with great momentum on the food contained inside. This immediately closes the external pores of meat, vegetables or shrimps, thanks to which the taste of the ingredients are better preserved.


The main goal established within this project was to create a new market segment for steam cooking devices, where the device won’t have to look unattractive.

STEAMIE can be used anywhere, even in the most exquisite restaurants, where speed and quality are crucial.

Mindsailors’ Design Thinking Process

Mindsailors “strongly believe that good design is far more than just a beautiful shape.” Since 2005, they have successfully executed a wide range of projects for clients around the world. Regardless of how bizarre your product ideas are, if you can imagine it, they can help you develop it.

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