32 Amazing staircases that steal the spotlight

A staircase is not only functional, but it can serve as a stunning focal point and make a strong style statement. From dramatic and dynamic to sculptural and sophisticated, here is a curation of some offbeat staircase designs that are highly functional and are a visual delight.

1. Industrial Elegance

In this industrial design-inspired space, an open staircase with a minimalist triangular-shaped balustrade offers structural support. It keeps the look compact and sleek without consuming visual space, which is essential in shrinking urban areas with restricted square footage.

Designer: Valenti Albareda

2. Contemporary Vibe

This gray-hued staircase borrows from the industrial style and is suspended from the ceiling. The metal framework provides a sense of privacy and lends a secretive quality to the staircase.

Designer: Flavio Castro

3. Built-in Shelf

The stair treads share the wooden tonality of the flooring. The first two steps at the base level have a rounded edge, while the third stair moves a step further and extends as built-in low-height shelving.

Designer: Hansquare

4. Contemporary Sophistication

The floating wooden treads form an eye-catching feature that contrasts against white walls and is suspended from them. An array of vertical metal binders looks sleek. It functions as a balustrade, forms the structural support system of the stairs, and creates an impactful visual.

Designer: Potamitis & Nicolaou Architects

5. Smooth Curves

Inspired by the oasis-like landscapes of the Middle East, this staircase is a celebration of sumptuous grandeur with a balance of opulence and restraint. The space is detailed with a sculpture to create a pleasing visual.

Designer: Conrad Architects

6. Textural Beauty

The skylight-washed floating staircase allows light to spill into the open-plan design home and infuses a fresh and airy look. The built-in seating and exposed brick wall create a tranquil intermediate space.

Designer: Azimetri Design

7. Contrasting Wood

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, the helical staircase exudes a peaceful vibe in the interiors. The white staircase combines timber treads and herringbone flooring patterns to impart a fresh and airy look.


8. Triangular Elegance

Set around a triangular stairwell, this staircase has a dramatic quality with its symmetrical steps intersecting at the landing area. The green marble handrail beautifully contrasts with the white marble flooring to form an interesting composition.

9. Helical Stair

Check out the interplay of color and cut-outs within this exquisite helical stair. The bright green hues of the handrail and tall indoor plant infuse a nature-inspired vibe into this neutral space.

Designer: Aamir & Hameeda

10. Built-in Lighting

Linear strips of LED lights infuse a luxe vibe within each tread and create an interesting pattern. The glass railing offers visual lightness and completes the look.

Designer: Bellisi Design

11. Angular Composition

A large stairwell comprises a dual flight of stairs that meet at a central landing to form a spectacular geometric composition. A tall industrial-style sculptural light adds depth and dimension to the space.

Designer: Newsam Construction

12. Floating Treads

The timber treads appear to be floating in the air, while the glass railings offer visual transparency. The modern, functional, and sophisticated design forms a spectacular style statement in this open-plan design home.

Designer Silvia Vanzini Architetto

13. Abstract Composition

The fluid form of this staircase is a complicated form of engineering and a beautiful piece of art. It’s a great way to infuse a dramatic and playful vibe into the space.

Designer: SIPAL.WAFAI.Architecture

14. Textural Effect

These sleek concrete floating steps look like a seamless part of the hardscape and contrast well with the stepped waterfall in black. The layered effect of each tread is reinforced with diffused lighting, while the concrete steps are softened with an outline of multi-colored hydrangeas.

Designer: Ed Hollander, Leeroy Street Studio

15. Steep Ladder

Bold and steep, an array of triangular wooden boxes are stacked one on top of the other to form a ladder staircase while adding a sculptural quality to it.

Designer: Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Stahlbom

16. Zen Effect

These floating stairs add visual drama to the outdoors and create an eye-catchy composition. Surrounded by trees and plenty of greenery, this all-white concrete staircase is like a Zen art installation.

Designer: Coolabah Landscapes

17. Beauty in Travertine Stone

This travertine staircase adds to the calm, relaxed vibe of this space. The graceful curves at one side of the stairway combine with the cream and brown hues of travertine stone to enhance the tranquility of the space.

Designer: TJAD

18. Ribbon Shape

Designed from a continuous sheet of metal, this open staircase creates an interesting pattern that exudes simplicity, while its sculptural form exhibits sleek materiality as one moves up and down through this space.

Designer: HSH Architects

19. Pure Geometry

Each metal tread has an angular shape that is cantilevered from the wall and looks as if they are floating in space. They are welded to steel plates in the wall to ensure the structural stability of the treads.

Designer: APOLLO Architects & Associates

20. Organic Swirl

The large, wooden steps are encased within a smooth white body of the helical staircase to create a captivating look. The woody tones of the chevron flooring continue with the treads and risers to complete the look.

Designer: Steven Harris Architects

21. Sculptural Wood

Clean, rounded, and unique, each tread has an organic sculptural quality that imparts a light and airy appearance. Some treads move further to provide support as the handrail continues to form more steps on the upper flight of stairs.

Designer: Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

22. Form Beyond Function

This staircase spirals around a beautifully crafted post and displays a striking combination of materials and form. Featuring a minimalist sculptural shape, it transforms into a showstopper element that draws attention to its curves.

Designer: YDDG

23. Warm Wood Tones

The fluid form of the wooden staircase infuses a dynamic vibe into the open-plan space. The rich hues of wood impart warmth to the overall décor of the space.

Designer: The Purple Ink Studio

24. Biophilia

The sculptural wooden staircase deserves considerable attention and infuses a touch of biophilia into the space. It connected each tread to vertical wooden panels. The indoor garden and natural light add softness and complete the look. This staircase cleverly creates a solid design without visually overwhelming the space.

Designer: Anna Kobialka

25. Wood and Glass

Featuring a perfect mix of different materials, the individual steps of this smart and contemporary stair design are joined together by a single wooden vein under each tread. The glass railing provides a sense of visual lightness to the overall design of the staircase.

Designer: Mark A Silva

26. Origami-Inspired Staircase

Inspired by origami or the art of paper folding, the arts and crafts design of the staircase adds a playful vibe to the interiors. In addition, the floating spiral design lends a sense of movement and dynamism to the space.

Designer: ArchitectsTM

27. Showstopper Design

The C-shaped spiral staircase starts from the ceiling and continues on the flooring. Contrasting hues of brown wood with black along the staircase and plenty of indoor plants freshen up the look of this space and form a spectacular design feature.

Designer: SIPAL.WAFAI.Architecture

28. Abstract Masterpiece

From its swirling shape to the curved convex railing and wedge-shaped treads, this metal staircase is all about curves and lends a decorative quality to the space. Just see how this staircase blurs the line between art and function.

Designer: Sabrab

29. Ribbon-shaped Design

The alternating ribbon-like structures in hues of white and brown function as the treads and handrails and create a dynamic geometric pattern.

Designer: Andrii Ortynskyi

30. Bright in Orange

This bright and cheery orange staircase ensures that climbing up and down this helical stair is full of cheer. It effortlessly adds a punch of character to the neutral hues of this space.

Designer: Martin Dulanto

31. Perforated Staircase

The perforated staircase adds quirk and vibrancy to the space and makes a bold architectural statement. The punctures in the cabin body let light pass through and seem to be suspended from the ceiling.

Designer: Michaelis Boyd

32. Dramatic Centrepiece

This cascading staircase doubles as a piece of art in this dining space. It makes an extraordinary architectural element and adds a sense of drama to this spacious open-plan design home.

Designer: Dieter De Vos