For The Love Of Steampunk

It’s tough keeping a track on futuristic iterations of computers, so backtracking into the forgotten era sometimes spring up surprises. This retro-steampunk gem is a customized work of art which uses lots of wood and a good measure of brass to get in the right effects. As the designers put it “These custom-made keyboards, framed monitors and computers are completely functional, but with a 19th century/ steampunk aesthetic.”

Designer: Old Time Computer

Steampunk Computer by Old Time Computer



  • mif991 says:

    I like it, but I would rather spend the extra money on memory or software. Most people will replace their computer after 5 years or sooner, so all this work could be junk too soon. But I like what you’ve done.

  • eno says:

    i love the design but as the above states many pc’s are replaced quite fast… but put a tv og a stereo in the same type of steampunk design and you would have a best seller!

  • Pax says:

    It’s a CASEMOD, people. The innards can be swapped out without a problem, as long as the box itself conforms to the proper form-factor (micro-ATX, by the apparent size of it).

    Personally, I think it’s wonderful. But them, I’m always a total geek over anything Steampunk.

    • mif991 says:

      Nothing really stays the same. Some things get thinner or what not. I still think it is beautiful.

  • royal creme says:

    For the love of steampunk, I’ll do most anything…fantastic keyboard. All the details really.

  • Lu says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy a steampunk mouse or flash drive?

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