Not that Kind of Avatar Watch

The timepiece in this post is called the “Avatar 1259B Watch.” It’s got nothing to do with the movie, but it’s no less epic. Really! You’ll have the entire world at your beckoning call when you grace their vision with this devastatingly amazing looking arm-clock. Made by the same people as what I like to call the Killer Robot Death Watch, this Avatar watch is just as metal, just as robotic, just as color bleeper intensive.

Know this! This is the most intense strap-to-watchface timepiece you’ll ever own. Three light-related gauges that tell the time, radically excellent craftsmanship. The round dial contains 12 LED lights and indicates the hour, the bottom line contains 5 LEDs and shows tens of minutes, top line has 9 LEDs and shows one minute increments.

You know what time it is. Time for a rave. Of other-worldly proportions.

Designer: Seahope [ Buy it Here, Avatar 1259C Watch is available for $159.00 @ YD Store ]


Avatar 1259C Watch is available for $159.00 @ YD Store

Avatar 1259C Watch by Seahope




  • mif991 says:

    I appreciate it looks different and the Models are made by hand (?), but they look unfinished and the detailing leaves a lot to be desired. It lacks hi-end quality….Lose the stitching…

  • Mattia says:

    It’s called “avatar” because one of the characters of the movie wears this watch. it’s the guy who uses the third avatar after jake sully and sigourney weaver. it can be seen on some scenes.

  • matt says:

    it’s “beck and call” not beckoning call. a beck is a physical signal to someone to draw nearer (like a wave of the hand or crooking a finger) and a call is a vocal signal for the same purpose. a beckoning call would have to be physically vocalizing.

  • sahzad says:

    i want a buy scaner watch so pls tell me

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