Smartphones that learn!

As customizable as our smartphones might seem, we’re really limited to using the controls exactly how the manufacturer intends. This case-concept explores the use of multi-touch/capacitive sensing beyond the boundaries of the device’s screen. It makes it possible for the user to swipe or touch anywhere they’d like to activate different features. Users can set their own shortcuts and define the controls to their liking, or trigger the device to remember their actions. Make your phone adapt to you, not the other way around!

Key features and settings can be controlled using distinctive multitouch gestures anywhere on the device. For example, if the user wants to control music while running, they can do so without being distracted by the screen. Areas beyond the screen can be used to navigate content and applications. With current interfaces, the user’s view of the screen is impaired by the hand, so areas beyond the screen can now be used to navigate content and applications.

Designer: Richard Donaldson