This sticky note dispenser is a must have for every stationery addict!

Having some cool stationery designs on our work desk can really transform work into joy, and makes dealing with everyday tasks easier. It’s hard to keep track of the multiples tasks we have to complete by the end of the day – meetings to attend, calls to return, assignments to complete and more. Sometimes we just need to note it all down, especially when your boss walks into your office, throws a couple of random instructions at you, and strolls off! Jonghwan Kim’s Memo Roll promises to help us with that.

The Memo Roll is shaped like a teardrop, and to understand its functionality, I guess it’s best to compare it to a tape dispenser. It’s basically a tape dispenser…for Post-It or memo notes! You simply tug out a note as needed, scrawl down whatever you need to remember and stick it onto your desk or bulletin board. No more scrounging around for your memo notepad, while you struggle to jot down crucial details. You can place your Memo Roll conveniently onto your work desk, providing you with easy access to the notes. You surely won’t miss its cute quirky form.

In fact, Kim’s even provided us with an option of four colors, black, green, white and brown. The subtle colors of Memo Roll allow it to effortlessly merge with your work desk while standing out as a fun office accessory! This one’s a boon for all the forgetful ones.

Designer: Jonghwan Kim