Exquisite Electrolier

This modern interpretation of the chandelier brings a breath of fresh air to the classic ornament. To adjust to lighting needs, the chandelier can be closed to diffuse and focus light as a shade or opened to illuminate an entire room. A stylish design that’s as multifunctional as it is sophisticated. Hit the jump to see it in motion!

Designer: Denise Hachinger


  • Jess Day says:

    This is one fascinating chandelier. It’s perfect for any type of house. The lighting adjustments are totally awesome and can brighten up the room in different ways. I like how it can spread out if you want another way to illuminate the room. I want one Exquisite Electrolier for my home. Cheers!

  • MDesigns says:

    Nice job. The mechanics of adjustable arms and the cost of LED will put it in the stratosphere price wise. But it’s cool, there is a market for it.

  • Quintin says:

    I like it!

    I don’t like the added tear-drop crystals and chains (?) on the last picture, though…

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  • Simon I says:

    Could I buy the Exquisite Electrolier Light?

    Simon I
    [email protected]

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