Student-friendly furniture designs that make your room insta worthy!

When you’re living alone, you tend to choose home spaces that are compact and tiny, befitting the needs of one. Hence, it becomes extremely important to fill up your living space with space-saving and efficient designs that help you make the most of your living situation. Designers have been coming up with cool and innovative designs that not only meet all your solo household needs but also manage to look pretty aesthetic! Check out our collection of bachelor-friendly designs that will take you one step closer to your dream home setup!

Designed to be compact enough to fit into any space, yet comfortable enough to have you sink right in with your favorite book, the Conch comes with a molded-plywood inner body and a dual-density foam outer body, giving it structure as well as supple softness. The chair’s form conforms to the contours of the body, allowing you to sit comfortably, while also conveniently having a storage unit right under you for everything from books to a cushion to other bric-a-brac. It’s the perfect reading spot for one!

The Drawer mini-fridge snugly fits underneath desks! Looking more like a piece of furniture, than a home appliance, Drawer can be easily placed under a desk or any other convenient nooks and crannies in your home. With sufficient space to store beverages, bottles and some food items, Drawer is perfect for a single-person household wherein refrigerable items are few. However, Drawer’s most interesting feature would be its cooling cup holder!

When it comes to kitchen appliances such as microwaves and ovens, they do tend to be bulky and space-consuming. However, the Wall-Mountable Oven is a smart microwave, that as its name implies can be mounted upon a wall. You simply press a button that brings down its front cover, which doubles up as the platform to place your dish upon. You then pull down the main cover, enclosing your dish within the microwave!

At first glance, Elmer looks like a simple storage cabinet, and though it is one, it also doubles up as a desk! When the door is shut, Elmer looks like a regular cabinet, upon which you can place miscellaneous items. However, once you open it, it reveals spacious storage space, with the door functioning as a neat little desk. It’s the perfect multifunctional piece of furniture for tiny living spaces!

The Bed For One by Dominic Wilcox is, well, perfect for one. For those bachelors who live by themselves, and have no need for larger beds, the Bed For One is ideal!  Though I do wonder where it truly stands when it comes to the comfort level, all said and done, it is indeed an intriguing one-of-a-kind bed design.

The Book Chair by Sou Fujimoto is in fact a bookshelf with a chair embedded in it! The chair can be slid in and out, due to a chair-shaped section in the bookshelf. When fitted into the shelf, the chair acts as a storage space itself. But when pulled out, you can hop onto it and read your favorite book in peace. This multifunctional piece of furniture is perfect for single-person homes whose residents are major readers!

The Low Table IV by Kai Takeshima has a little secret! Once you lift the tabletop, you can easily access a compact storage space, add its wooden Japanese-inspired aesthetics to the mix, and it could be the perfect minimal addition to your compact living space.



In just a couple of simple steps, SHO transforms from sofa to sofabed in seconds by taking control of the cushion! The design utilizes a unique metal frame that snaps together to hold a twin-size latex mattress in an upright position that’s perfect for sitting and reading. Simply undo the clasp and unfold the mattress to create a proper lounger where you can extend the legs and relax while enjoying the back support. With its small footprint, it’s perfect for the micro-est of micro-living spaces!

The Corner Desk is a space-saving compact desk that will fit perfectly in one corner of your home. Designed by Michael Hilgers, the powder-coated aluminum piece provides a private spot for you to sit and work peacefully in. Not to mention it saves a whole lot of precious space!

The Bloom Phone Vase by Stak Ceramics not only perfectly displays fresh flowers, but is also a cool spot to store your phone. Keep this on your bedside table, and wake up not only to your phone alarm blaring away but to some beautiful flowers!