Elegantly French, this minimal hideaway desk is worthy of your home!

French designs always have a sense of sophistication and elegance to them. And Bastien Chapelle’s Elmer Desk is no exception. French Design Incubator helped pair up designer Bastien Chapelle with furniture manufacturer iRESISTUB, and they collaborated to create Elmer. At first glance, Elmer looks like a simple storage cabinet, and though it is one, it also doubles up as a desk!

The multifunctional piece primarily showcases a lot of iRESISTUB’s metalwork, with a sturdy black metal frame and two long metal legs. A squarish wooden door with rounded edges occupies the portion above the legs. When the door is shut, Elmer looks like a regular cabinet, upon which you can place miscellaneous items. However, once you open it, it reveals spacious storage space, with the door functioning as a neat little desk. Within the compact storage area, you can place your books, stationery items, folders and maybe even a tiny plant or two! The working surface is large enough to accommodate a laptop, books or other documents.

Minimal, warm and organic, the Elmer Desk is a quaint piece of furniture that could seamlessly merge into any home or workspace and is a stunning specimen of French design.

Designer: Bastien Chapelle and iRESISTUB