Winston encrypts your home wi-fi, preventing Facebook, Google, and Amazon from tracking you

Alexa, Google, and Siri. It took just three words to absolutely erode our freedom and privacy. Don’t worry, I’m just as much a part of this as you are. I have a Google Pixel smartphone and an iPad Pro, and flatmate in the room next door has an Amazon Echo. I also spend roughly 3-4 hours each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp everyday. Ambient computing, voice assistants, and the ever-expanding realm of social networks have effectively undermined the private way of life.

If you suddenly got a message on your phone saying $20,000 was deducted from your bank account, you’d understandably lose your mind. Twenty thousand dollars is a LOT of money. You know because it’s easy to quantify it by visualizing its worth. It’s probably 3 month’s salary, or a year’s worth of rent, or a car. It isn’t easy to quantify digital privacy. You don’t know exactly how much is at stake because A. it’s entirely virtual and difficult to ‘see’, and B. it provides a convenient service.

For long, the way to reclaim one’s privacy was to just reject technology. Don’t want Facebook tracking you? Uninstall the app. Don’t want Apple or Google to know your location? Just use a dumb-phone. It seems unreasonable in today’s world to reject technology that vehemently. I need Google Maps so that I can use Uber. I need Whatsapp because my family texts me on Whatsapp, and Instagram because it forms a major part of my digital social life. The solution to our privacy problem shouldn’t be to reject these services, but rather to protect our data.

If your personal data is a needle, think of Winston as a haystack. This minimal-looking, silver-colored ‘black-box’ connects to your home network and effectively scrambles your outgoing data in a way that’s impossible to track back to you. Unlike VPNs which just mask your IP address, Winston ‘muddies the water’ by mixing your data with data from thousands of other Winston users. It connects directly to your home wi-fi, acting as a buffer between the internet and all your devices, from your phones to your smart-speakers, smart TVs, thermostats, and even smart doorbells… effectively allowing you to use all your internet-based services, but preventing large corporations, ad-networks, hackers, and even your internet providers from gathering any accurate data from you.

The Winston box comes with its software that helps scramble and anonymize your data… and that isn’t all. It blocks ISPs from snooping on you, blocks ads, pop-ups, and periodically deletes cookies. Ridding your internet connection of all this excess baggage, Winston allows you to browse the internet faster, and even cuts down on your data usage… but most importantly, it does so without requiring you to alter your behavior. You don’t need to tape up your webcams or put your phone in flight mode, or think twice before saying something in the vicinity of a smart speaker. You can still use Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, Google, or any other service knowing fully well that your privacy is protected, because these companies are definitely collecting data… it’s just that Winston’s rendered that data absolutely useless!

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Winston: Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy

This is a plug-n-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of the Internet on ALL connected devices at home. It stops tracking, spying & hacking.

Winston doesn’t let big tech companies, advertisers, data brokers, hackers and governments access your data. Winston delivers true online privacy for safe browsing experience.

Below: Winston Puts You In Control

Winston vs Other Privacy Solutions

How Winston Protects Your Online Privacy

Winston’s Zero-knowledge technology doesn’t allow anyone to see, log or decrypt your internet activity. It scrambles and encrypts your home network, preventing anyone from watching what you are doing.

Complete Encryption

Winston scrambles and encrypts your home network, preventing anyone from watching what you’re doing.

Hide Your IP Address

Winston’s anonymous privacy mesh network conceals your location from advertisers, hackers and other snoops.

Below: Winston’s Encryption & Anonymity Functionality

The Hardware

Plug in your Winston between your router and your modem, and within 60 seconds, it will protect every internet-connected device in your home network.

The Software

Once plugged in, Winston routes your web traffic through 20-30 other Winston units, which are selected randomly several times each hour. This makes it impossible to correlate individual users to their IP addresses, and it does so without logging any data.

The Online Dashboard

Winston’s online dashboard lets you dig into your network analytics and see exactly how Winston is working for you. You can:

– Inspect blocked ads and trackers
– View your network health
– Monitor activity
– View detailed usage reports

This is a demonstration of cookieless surveillance methods that can be used to track your browser, even in incognito mode.

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