Get curved toasts with this toaster…because it makes absolute sense!

A toaster is a staple in every household, and toast a part of almost everyone’s breakfast. We’re all used to the usual rectangular box-like form of toasters, however, Jexter Lim’s Arctoas is a breath of fresh air. Arctoas is said to serve toast with a whimsical smile. Intrigued? Me too! Unlike the shape and structure of conventional toasters, Arctoas has a curved circular form. To be honest, it almost looks like a small air purifier! Two cylindrical sheets of mica were combined, with a nichrome wire running vertically through them (which prevents the bread from getting stuck) to create the toaster’s ergonomic form. And on hindsight, it makes absolute sense to have a curved toast!

Lim’s aim was to create a unique bread toasting and breakfast experience. He wanted to provide a refreshing touch to a family’s breakfast routine in the morning. Arctoas comes with a circular slot that runs all around the toaster. You simply slip your toast into the slot. A curved Capacitive Touch Switch is provided as an alternative to physical buttons. You can adjust the settings of the toaster using the switch, according to your personal toast preference. Once the toast is ready, a motorized carriage lifts up the bread, so you can pluck it out! However, the curved form of the toaster molds the toast, giving it a curved shape as well!

The curved toast looks almost like an arc and is much easier to hold and eat as compared to your regular square-shaped toast. The curved toast fits seamlessly into your palm, allowing you to easily spread butter, jam, or any condiment of your choice. You can even pile on some eggs, avocadoes, tomatoes or more without fear of them spilling or falling over! Ingenious isn’t it! In fact, the curved slice of bread looks like a smile. With Arctoas even your daily bread will greet you with a cheerful grin and keep you stain-free as you head out to start your day! Now, why didn’t someone invent this before?!

Designer: Jexter Lim