This damage-proof hoodie is made with the same ceramic technology used on the space station

To put things in perspective… the only material tougher than the ceramic used in Vollebak’s latest jacket is literally diamond.

Making the world’s most indestructible clothing does require constant reiteration, and Vollebak’s constantly believed in pushing the boundaries of material science. Having made hoodies out of everything from Kevlar to carbon nanotubes, Vollebak now returns with a material so resistant to wear and tear, it’s used on the international space station. The ceramic hoodie comes with an aramid layer (Kevlar is an aramid) and is further coated with a layer comprising more than 60,000 matte-black ceramic particles that allow it to be theoretically destruction-proof, but still breathable and flexible. The hoodie builds on one of Vollebak’s most popular items, the Ceramic T-Shirt, which was developed in 2017 and has, since then, been taken into jungles, warzones, and live volcanoes.

The Ceramic Hoodie is designed to be protective yet comfortable. The fabric is tough but breathable and comes with an inner fleece lining and waterproof zippers. Each hoodie is equipped with a layer of ceramic coating that’s as thin as a human hair, and soft to the touch, but is abrasive-resistant enough to make it the toughest garment not just on earth, but arguably on the space station too!

Designer: Vollebak