If Tesla designed houses, this is what they would look like

I am an all-time architecture content consumer and nothing fascinates me more than seeing concept homes designed for the future! While we imagine it to be all Jetsons and some Avatar, designer Ivan Venkov has created a concept home that makes me curious – is this what homes would look like if Elon Musk was in charge?

Venkov mentions that the original idea was for the modular aspect to only be included in the interior spaces, but the exterior sculptural look could also be shaped differently if desired – this means only the interior foundation and platform will remain as is. His aim was to make modular spaces more than just functional, Venkov wanted it to be striking without costing a fortune to execute. The aesthetic is based on pillars of modern, minimal and calming design while still catching your eye. I particularly love the wide glass stairs leading up to the house, it gives such an airy and spacious feeling especially because it is only one floor allowing the trees to tower over you and build the view.

The illustration by Venkov includes stock imagery and his original concept designs for details as well – like the Nebula lounger out on the porch and also the automobile parked up in the front. This concept home is a high-end prefabricated unit resting in a forest, but I imagine it can be assembled in other settings as well. I am sure this Tesla-esque abode will be built to be a smart home. Would you move into a home like this in 2040?

Designer: Ivan Venkov