Meet Dragonfly, the luxurious and sporty ‘hypercar of the scooter world’

Each brand and product category always has a niche for high-adrenaline users. You’ve got gaming laptops and accessories, sportscars, monster trucks, action-movies, nitro-brew coffees, energy drinks, it’s high time the scooter got its own version worthy of the ‘hyper’ prefix.

Designed and developed by London-based D-Fly group, the Dragonfly is the world’s first and only hyperscooter. Think of it as a hypercar you ride while standing. With a dual-powertrain that provides high speeds of up to 38mph (that’s 61.1 km/h in the metric system) and a removable rechargeable battery that provides 28 miles of range (45km), the Dragonfly sits definitely on the high-adrenaline end of the scooter spectrum. It comes with an F-1 inspired 3-dimensional tilt-steer system that offers an unbridled riding experience aside from the Dragonfly’s 4.5-inch 4K dashboard and in-built high-definition Bluetooth speakers that extend the experience beyond just the ride.

The scooter’s design evokes a sense of ‘hyper’ too, with a carbon-fiber and aerospace-aluminum body that keeps the scooter aerodynamic, sturdy, and lightweight at just 32lbs (14.5 kilograms). It comes with a folding base that reduces its entire footprint to less than 12 inches, allowing you to keep it vertically standing on the subway with you, or stash it in a corner where you live/work/study. Upgrading the experience for people who already use scooters for last-mile commutes, the Dragonfly comes with puncture-free tires, on-board storage for your laptop, and advanced security measures including a manual lock and RFID lock, as well as GPS tracking and geo-fencing capabilities. Oh, and you can preorder this bad-boy for $100… sound familiar?

Designer: D-Fly Group