Hand Shadow Shapes Upon the Wall

Enthralled by the idea that something creative can be constructed with nothing more than one’s own appendages, designer Victoria Cramsie created this fabulous wallpaper design for children. In that vein, the wallpaper design is titled “Hand Made.” It’s lovely and fantastic and screenprinted – my favorite method of printing inks by far. No foolies.

Cramsie is aiming with this design and other papers in the PaperBoy collection to capture the “woefully neglected” boys market in England (and I’m sure the rest of the world too.) It’s a difficult spell to cast in todays world where progressive parents are thinking about the identity their child will choose in the future, trying in many ways not to push their kiddies too hard in one direction or another. Thanks to people like Cramsie, there’s an evolving sensibility that allows the child to grow up in a pressure-free world, that is to say one where a parent doesn’t get mad at a parent for choosing a particular “lifestyle” if you will.

And you know what that means?

World peace!

Colour Options: Silver Shadows on Berry Purple, Ground Black Shadows on Gray Ground, Dark Blue Shadows on Light Blue Ground, or my favorite even though I haven’t seen it – Sludgy Green on Lighter Green Ground
Repeat: 53cm
Width: 52cm
Length: 10m
Weight: 150gsm
Material: FSC Accredited Sustainable forest paper – This means ‘your paper has come from a forest that is managed to the highest standards to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations’ www.fsc.org
Printing Process: Hand Screen Printed
Manufactured by: Robert Hamlin-Wright at his small factory in Norfolk, England

Designer: Victoria Cramsie for PaperBoy


Hand Made by Victoria Cramsie for PaperBoy