A Zen Den for Your Furry Friend!


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Dramatic prelude aside, the video above does make a point about doggy crates. The metal construction looks primitive, feels primitive, and has the demeanor of a prison, rather than a safe nesting space. And since dogs are our friends and not convicted criminals, Amy Kim decided to make a space that was more animal-friendly, and decor-friendly.

The result of the above design brief is PAWD. A crate designed to look great from the inside as well as out, visually satisfying both its occupant, and the homeowner. More of a living space than a crate, PAWD looks and feels inviting. Its plastic construction makes it lightweight, easy to clean, and safe (as compared to the metal crates with sharp edges). Designed to be foldable, the Pawd can even collapse into a small palette that can be stored in slim spaces like under the bed or behind the couch.

The purpose of the crate, says Amy, is twofold. It plays a crucial role in toilet-training the animal, while also giving them their own personal space, given that canines are denning animals. The plastic enclosure was therefore designed with a contemporary pattern that allowed just enough light in to feel like a comfortable private space on the inside. Made in polypropylene (the same material as baby bottles), the PAWD’s plastic is non-toxic and durable. The crate comes with a soft, rounded design and collapsible walls, letting you carry the PAWD around with you, whether you’re traveling, or if you want to stow away the crate for when guests come over. Designed to be spacious on the inside, the PAWD is a perfect nest for your furry friend to go and contemplate about chasing cars, squirrels, and postmen!

Designer: Amy Kim

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PAWD has a utility patent, the first of its kind of have a detachable top and sides that fold into the base. PAWD’s unique pattern keeps the structure strong but is also much more pleasing to the eye than metal bars.






Click here to Buy Now: $79.00 $120.00