All your Apple devices can be charged at once on this modular, wireless dock – one size fits all

We were all well aware of the problem of having one charger or one wireless base and the battle to get your device there before anyone else in your house. Can you imagine how many sibling fights can be prevented if Apple made a multi-charging dock? Well, our prayers have been answered, say hello to the glue that is going to be holding modern families together – Scosche BaseLynx Modular Charging System Kit for Apple priced at USD 149.95 that comes in white and black to match your tech aesthetic. You can also buy individual bases or upgrade to their pro kit.

This wireless charging system kit is modular and expandable, you are now free from hours of untangling cables for each device because this one dock is a home-for-all. You’ll be happy to know that it just requires one power out and given its modular nature, it is portable so you can use it at home or at work. The BaseLynx charging kit is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, Airpods and even iPods – yes this station EXISTS and all us Apple fans are excited about giving our devices a resting spot as sleek as they are.

It has many individual parts that you can choose and pick from to BYOB (Build Your Own BaseLynx). An interesting feature is the Vert charging module where you can charge three devices at once on the same base. The wireless charging dock is also Qi-certified meaning it is safe and one of the fastest available technologies in the game. BaseLynx is a customizable solution that helps organize, charge, store all your Apple devices. You can keep it at home, or take it to work, even travel with it so you don’t have to carry 5 cords plus 3 converter plugs, and the best part – wireless bases mean endless charging without any bent or frayed Apple cords!

All concerns have been addressed, now back to your bases Apple enthusiasts!

Designer: Scosche

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