This Compact Pizza Oven is the Secret to Unlocking Restaurant-Worthy Pizzas at Home

Compact enough to easily fit even in the tiniest of backyards, the Gozney Arc isn’t a pizza oven as much as it’s a portal straight to Naples. With a unique design that combines high-end material, immaculate engineering, and a series of game-changing innovations, the Gozney Arc sets a new standard for creating epic pizza at home.

Designer: Gozney

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The Arc gets its name from the way its evolutionary lateral gas burner creates a yellow flame that rolls and arcs over the internal chamber of the oven, mimicking that of a wood fire seen in many traditional restaurant pizza ovens. The innovative burner design unlocks valuable floor space meaning the oven is compact on the outside but big on the inside whilst providing unparalleled heat consistency and precise control. This, creator and founder Tom Gozney mentions, makes it easier than ever to bake the perfect pizza no matter your skill level Just like a restaurant pizza oven, Arcs reaches temperatures upwards of 950°F (500°C), well beyond what your regular home oven is capable of so you can cook a pizza in as little as 60 seconds…. if you’ve tried baking a restaurant-style Neapolitan or even New York pizza in your home oven (with a pizza stone or steel), you know that it just doesn’t taste the same. The lower temperatures of home ovens mean the pizza dough takes longer to cook, and instead of charring on the surface, it dries out through and through, giving you a bread-like consistency, not the airy, charred crust you’d get in a restaurant.

Arc XL + Arc bring Gozney’s renowned design ethos into a sleek form that’s compact outside yet big on cooking space inside.

That’s where a device like the Arc comes in. Designed to distill the performance of a restaurant oven into something more accessible so you can churn out 14 or 16-inch pizzas that taste just like something you’d get at your favorite pizza place. It’s tricky scaling down all those thermals and design principles but that’s what the Arc’s engineering is all about. It has a 20mm stone floor and thick layers of insulation that provide unbeatable heat retention and consistency. This helps the pizza oven get hot and stay hot, allowing you to get a consistent bake, pizza after pizza. However, don’t just limit yourself to pizza with this oven, with the Arc you can create calzones, focaccias, grilled fish, roasted veggies, seared meats, and other dishes that benefit from high, searing, scaling down an hour’s worth of cooking to mere minutes.

With a revolutionary lateral gas burner, unbeatable heat retention, and precision temperature control – all for distributing high heat evenly and consistently – creating epic pizza has never been easier.

It isn’t just the fact that the Arc is smaller that makes it the perfect partner for your outdoor cooking adventures – it’s smarter too, with innovative features that make the entire process highly intuitive and easy for home cooks. Temperature control is key to achieving perfect results with any oven, and the Arc is no exception. With features like a digital temperature display that alerts you when the oven has hit the perfect stone floor temperature of your favorite pizza styles and an intuitive, precise temperature control the Arc lets home cooks make pizzas with more confidence and less trial-and-error.

The Arc is available in two sizes with the smaller oven having a base big enough for a medium 14″ pizza, and the Arc XL is able to make a large 16″ pizza for everyone to dig into. To ensure you have everything to need, Gozney has also designed a range of pioneering accessories from a handy outdoor stand for the pizza oven, with fold-out side tables and a dedicated spot for a propane tank underneath to a new range of peels so you can launch, rotate and serve your pizzas with ease.

With the Arc, you don’t need to be a professional pizza guru, have working knowledge of wood-fired ovens or stress about fluctuating temperatures or uneven cooking to make the restaurant-worthy pizzas at home. What’s not to love? Bring on the pizza parties.

Click Here to Sign Up Now: Arc – USD$699 and Arc XL – $799