You think you know how to Chai?


For a massive percentage of Indians, chai (what we call tea) is just an absolute necessity. Some people are coffee people, me personally, I like my Assam tea with the tea masala and some ginger. Driven by flavor and intensity, we usually prepare our tea by constant boiling of the milk with the tea leaves (as opposed to the brewing of it) to extract every ounce of flavor in it. Our tea is also governed by what we put into it apart from the milk water and sugar. Cardamom, Ginger, Tea Masala, and sometimes even Tulsi (Indian Basil) among others, find their way into our ‘chai’. The Chai set isn’t for Indians though. But it aims at bringing the Indian way of tea consumption to a broader audience. The tea set has everything you’ll ever need to make tea just the way you want it. Even the smallest details all the way to a mortar-pestle and a recipe book can be found in this tea set along with the the tea infusing electric kettle and of course, the drinking cups. To make this set even more comprehensive, the Chai kit comes along with its own selection of tea leaves from the world’s finest.

This one’s literally the Holy Grail for tea drinkers!

Designer: Richard Price