This AI-enabled cooker preps meals, cooks and even cleans itself!

You could be a trained chef or a foodie trying to recreate a dish they had, we can all do better with an extra helping hand – especially in the kitchen! Say hello to CookingPal Julia, the smart all-in-one cooker that is going to be your new sous chef. Julia was unveiled at CES 2020 where she also won the Innovation Award in the home appliance category and we were all shook…or shall I say shaken and stirred?

It will be impossible to mess up a recipe with this Smart All-in-One Cooker, it is a countertop assistant that will assist you in preparing your meals quickly and efficiently. There is a step-by-step process and Julia is going to be there all along to guide you through chopping ingredients with exact, weight-based measurements. To make it easier, it also includes a scale that is accurate within five grams so say goodbye to fiddling with that set of measuring cups! Julia is truly a countertop kitchen assistant, she can cook, chop, blend, knead, boil, steam, grind, grate AND emulsify – she knows it all and does it all but you still get the credit.

Your cooking sidekick comes with her own 8-inch kitchen-proof smart display. You can select from one of the set recipes or switch to manual mode and customize it to your taste, the AI food recognition technology can also suggest recipes based on the ingredients you have in the fridge. You can also recruit Alexa or Google assistant into the kitchen team and have them work with Julia while you monitor it all on the CookingPal mobile app. Just when you think Julia cant be smarter, you’ll be delighted to know she is not only dishwasher safe but also has a self-cleaning mode where you just add in water and dish soap. Julia is spearheading the future of smart cooking!

Designer: CookingPal