Bathroom designs that you can escape to: Part 3

A super neat bathroom design is enough to melt the coldest of hearts! After all, we spend an extraordinary amount of time in there, carrying out personal activities, and it’s probably the one time we’ve ever truly alone. So we’ve put together a collection of aesthetically pleasing bathroom designs for some major inspo if you’re in the mood to revamp yours!

This pristine bathroom design by Forte Design Studio perfectly incorporates neutral black and white tones with a touch of wood, resulting in a clean and subtle aesthetic. Minimal much?

Sometimes all you need is all things minimal. Boasting a black and white color palette with simple fixtures, this minimal bathroom by Nichba Design is one of my favorites!

The Delve Group paired up geometric tiles in shades of grey with matte black bathroom fixtures to create a warm personal space. I would love to hop in there for a quick shower!

When in doubt, just throw in some red! Designed by ASH NYC, the bathrooms at The Siren Hotel in Detroit showcase beautiful red terrazzo walls speckled with flecks of black, white and peach. Add some monochrome floor tiles and a patterned marble stool to the mix, and this bathroom could be considered a work of art!

Japanese brand INAX created this collection of bathroom fixtures including sinks, showers, toilets, bath taps, and tiles as an ode to Japanese designs, culture, and traditions. This is as minimal and visually pleasing as it gets!

One glimpse at this unique shower and bathtub combo, and you’ll feel like jumping in right this instant! With a showerhead on top, and a bathtub or bath-bowl (to be more accurate) to sink into, this fixture by Aquatica Group promises some serious relaxation.

Matte black tiles and a vintage brass shower head? This bathroom by Suszi Saunders completely captures a very retro-esque vibe!

Pretty and petite! This clean white bathroom design with a gentle touch of flora and fauna by Timber Trails Homes is ideal for all the lovely ladies out there.

Need to catch up on some reading? Worry not! This vintage bathtub by Corte della Maestà includes a little book holder! Sink into some bubbles while binge-reading your favorite novel.

What are your thoughts on an all-black bathroom? Well, designer Fredrik Wallner almost has me convinced with his customizable bathroom furniture for Swoon. Oh, they’re also available in Saddle Brown, Seal Grey, and Seaweed Green. Get ready for a bathroom with a color theme!

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