Face melting Vinyl Stereo Speakers

Ed Lewis (aka Fungus Amungus) has posted a great do-it-yourself project that combines one of my favorite art forms with another of my favorite art forms. He took the hip, urban chic of vinyl toys and gave them the gift of music by fusing speakers into the faces of these “Munnny” vinyl toys from Kid Robot. The end result is a design mash-up of sorts, but comes off as a unique way to share your love of very contemporary art and old school corporate pop, like E=MC2 by Mariah Carey. Listening to it did remind me of the smell of burning hair, or maybe it was just the burning vinyl…

Designer: Ed Lewis [ Via: Instructables ]

Step 1 – Get a Pair of Munnys and Drivers

Step 2 – Trace the circle

Step 3 – Heat ‘im up!

Step 4 – Cut the faces off

Step 5 – Wire it and fill it

Step 6 – Seal it up

Step 7 – Hook it up and enjoy the music!