This lightweight + durable drone can fold down and fit into a small case when not in use!

A super lightweight drone designed to operate in the most extreme environment and difficult terrain. In a way perfect for explorers who are curious to discover the unknown.

Explorers will go any length trying to satiate their curiosity, and any tool that aids them in this quest is more than welcome. While DJI is the preferred choice for most action sports or adventure activities – it’s time we ask for a drone that’s made specifically for exploration of the nook and crannies of the face of the earth. Yes, I’m talking about the explorers who take all the pain to bring home some of the most breathtaking shots from the jaw-dropping hidden landscapes of the planet.

The Drone Explorer aims to fulfill that little void which demands a drone that’s ultra-resilient, lightweight, has a longer battery life, and can carry advanced camera equipment in the most extreme weather and climatic conditions. Film-making crews who discover and bring to us the majestic never before seen footage of caves, forests, rock walls and more. This drone pushes the limits further, going into dangerous places that have still not been explored due to human limitations. Places like uninhibited islands, rainforests infested with dangerous creatures, or caves that are too risky to venture out into.

All this is possible with the drone’s terrain observation sensors, prior danger warning systems, and high-class connectivity for live streams. Keeping in mind the ease of carrying, the drone has a minimal foldable form factor – so small you can put it inside a small case without even knowing it is there in your backpack. The four propellers fold via hinged structure and fit inside a small carry bag too. Perfect for exploration and research activities with minimal fuzz.

Since the drone has to explore narrow caves or the rough rainforests – for instance – the aerodynamics need to be on point. This is fully proofed with the body line and aerodynamic shape for a stable flight no matter what the conditions or terrain. For complete protection from the elements, the Drone Explorer is made out of lightweight and durable titanium. It gets waterproof coating to make sure it doesn’t have an off day on a rainy afternoon!

Designer: Design One