Upgrade your Regular Bamboo Toothbrush to an Electric Toothbrush with this clever attachment

This might be the most sensible idea of the decade. Instead of buying electric toothbrushes, what if there was an attachment that made regular toothbrushes vibrate the way electric ones do? That’s what the Motomoto tries to do. A simple silicone sleeve that attaches onto a standard bamboo toothbrush, the Motomoto ‘electrifies’ your brushing routine, adding ultrasonic vibrations while you clean your teeth. This helps dislodge food particles, clean plaque, and keep your mouth cleaner than just using regular hand motions. The toothbrush itself is made from bamboo and is designed to be replaceable, while the Motomoto itself stays constant. Genius.

Designer: Frederick Yap

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An electric toothbrush, simply put, is just a motor attached to a bunch of bristles using an ergonomic handle. That’s all an electric toothbrush really is – and it’s honestly disappointing that companies have somehow corrupted that idea into a capitalist nightmare. Oral-B’s bristles don’t fit on a Colgate toothbrush and vice versa. Companies have colored bristles that fade with time when you need to change them, and just the brush head (the replaceable part on a toothbrush) comes in expensive single packs or cheaper economy packs. Not to mention they’re ALL made out of plastic, so throwing bristles away is tantamount to polluting. It’s the same with printers, and with shaving razors… and Frederick Yap wanted nothing to do with that model. So he designed the Motomoto – an electric handle that attaches to a regular toothbrush. The handle stays, and the biodegradable toothbrush gets replaced… and if you want to brush manually without the motor, that’s absolutely fine too.

The Motomoto itself looks like a simple handle without the bristles. A hole on the top lets you slide your bamboo toothbrush in, effectively turning the brush into an electric one. The brush features a bamboo body, with a choice between 4 bristles – regular flat bristles, charcoal-infused tapered bristles, bamboo tapered bristles, and ultra-fine nano bristles for sensitive gums. Each Motomoto comes with the assorted 4 brushes, and you choose the one that suits you the best. The other brushes can be used by other members of your family, and at the end of their cycle, the brushes can safely be discarded or composted, allowing them to return to nature with minimal waste created in the process.

The handle is where the magic unfolds. Slide the brush in before using, hit the button, and brush like you normally would. The vibrations from the Motomoto enhance the efficiency of your brushing by 50%, adding more bristle movement while you brush so that it scrapes off plaque and food debris faster. The gentle vibrations get the job done so you don’t need to brush as hard, which can sometimes cause your gums to bleed.

Each Motomoto comes along with a 4-pack of assorted brushes, and a holder that lets you vertically dock your Motomoto when you’re not using it. The Motomoto also runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which means you can plug a USB-C charger in to juice your electric toothbrush. There are 4 Motomoto colors you can choose from – Nude Brown, Forest Green, Cream White, and Ash Grey, and the entire kit starts at just $18, with an extra 4-pack of brushes costing $9.

Click Here to Buy Now: $18 $21 (14% off). Hurry, very few left!