This minimal modern water purifier has a ‘filtered’ secret!

Traditional water purifiers tend to occupy a lot of space in our kitchens, giving the impression that our kitchens are more crowded than they actually are. To rectify this, Korean appliance brand Kyowon Wells recently launched Wells The ONE. Wells The ONE is a water purifying system with a revamped form. The water dispensing faucet and the actual purifying system have been separated to create one space-saving and ergonomically designed product, quite similar to a split AC! The main filtering unit comprising of the filters and motors can be subtly installed within the kitchen sink, island-style counters, and tables, with only the sleek faucet remaining visible to the eye.

The faucet features a modern and minimal aesthetic, allowing it to effortlessly merge with your kitchen. Equipped with a circular touch control panel and an LCD display, operating the faucet turns into an interesting and interactive experience! Via the left section, you can easily control the temperature of the water, and switch between cold and hot water options, in accordance with your mood. Whereas the right side of the control panel can be used to adjust the water flow which ranges from 120 to 1000 ml. All the details are displayed on the screen, with a distinguishable raised line encircling the panel, encouraging tactile interaction and a simpler user interface.

A 9-step filter system eliminates eight types of toxic metals and other impurities that may infect your water. Not to mention eco-friendly materials such as ceramics were used to create the faucet! Available in a variety of color schemes, my favorite being the white and rose gold combination, Wells The ONE is one of the most innovative water purifiers I have seen. Convenient, space-saving and not to mention visually pleasing, it’s the kind of appliance our modern kitchens need!

Wells The ONE is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Kyowon Wells